We began dreaming about our place around the year 2008, when we
realized that the U.S. economy needed new ideas, projecting a future of
simple gastronomic service, with a traditional, rustic cuisine, and flavors
that transport us to our roots and through which we could share our aromas
with different nationalities. Every day that passed, this idea seduced us
more and more. However, as with every business, we needed a capital to
invest and ours was just a dream. Until one day we encourage ourselves to
undertake this business. We started making empanadas at home and after

years of work the financial aid arrived.  Within our possibilities there were
very small places, and following many unsuccessful searches and without
even thinking, our place in Doral appeared and this is where we remained
today. We are very grateful to Doral as it was the city that gave us the
possibility of knocking on doors, selling our empanadas, and today allows
us to develop new ideas to continue offering what with so much love ,
perseverance and work we love to do, cook and share our flavors. We are
very grateful that you are part of our family.

Las Acacias ~ Argentinean Gourmet